Lighting a basement can be a major challenge and should have proper thought put into it. Even if your basement is a walk-out with multiple doors and windows, chances are that the space is probably not getting sufficient natural light. That’s why it’s necessary to make a comprehensive lighting plan to evaluate all your requirements. If you are planning a full basement remodel, make sure to read this article and learn about the best lighting options for your basement remodeling project.

#1 Recessed Lighting

There is no perfect match of space and lighting fixtures other than basements and recessed lighting. Recessed lights will work excellently in your remodeled basement because they tuck out of the way. Almost the whole unit is contained within the ceiling, and only the trim shows.

  • Put recessed lights on dimmer switches to tone them down.
  • Make recessed light zones to limit the lighting only to the places you want – not the whole basement. Using dimmers and zoning your recessed lights helps you save money and energy and offers you higher flexibility.

#2 Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights installed in the middle of the ceiling and controlled by a wall switch are common in several rooms. They don’t just meet building codes, but they offer basic lighting for any kind of room. Home renovators generally install switch-controlled ceiling lights as the default lighting in several rooms, including basements.

#3 Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Pendant lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling and hover above an area that has to be lighted up. Apart from illuminating a particular spot, they can even introduce glowing colors and sculptural shapes to add style. Depending on the design, pendant lights can create ambient lighting, colorful accent lighting, or focused task lighting. To enhance the excellence of basement lighting, opt for clear glass shades that don’t block the brightness of the bulb.

#4 Faux Lighted Window

Add a daylight-spectrum light into a basement that doesn’t have any windows by creating a faux lighted window. Such custom light fixtures can be easily built and create an above-ground ambiance with a creative illusion. Simply frame and trim a window opening while remodeling your basement, paint the wall behind it reflective white, mount multiple fluorescent fixtures on the wall, and equip them with daylight-spectrum bulbs. Then you can hang a translucent light-filtering window treatment to enjoy the filtered and even illumination.

#5 Tray Lighting

Tray lighting is a kind of basement lighting system that makes use of a narrow ceiling perimeter built-in tray as the base for obscured lighting. Tray lighting is perfect for setting the mood in your basement, and it’s particularly helpful when you want your basement to be mostly dark, like when relaxing or watching a movie.

Last Few Words

We hope this article gave you a good insight into the best lighting options for your basement remodeling project.

One more important thing you need to keep in mind is to pick the right type of bulbs. For all your overhead lighting needs, we recommend you use either LED or CFL bulbs rather than traditional incandescent bulbs. Both these bulbs produce more light while using less energy!