As we all know, working from home has become a very prominent thing. The current climate has made working from home a huge and alluring option for many a worker.

Finishing your basement is one thing, but finishing it and including an office is a whole different animal. Keep in mind there are many things to consider when designing and completing the perfect basement office space.

There are many options to weigh when creating an office space. Figuring out whether your entire basement is an office or just one room in it depends on the size of the space. If you’re able to utilize the whole basement for your office, it will enhance your privacy. You’ll have ample space for multiple monitors, a large desk, and even a break area.

Floors and Walls

The floor and wall options you choose can really transform how your basement appears. You want your flooring choice to look amazing, but also be durable – remember you’ll likely have a rolling chair or two, and those are very hard on floors. Another factor with floors in basements is the weather. Humidity, heat, and cool will all cause floors to expand, contract, and set differently. Be sure you choose the right floor for your climate. Vinyl flooring is a fantastic option that is quite durable and many now come with attached padding and underlayment. Wood flooring can be a great look, but unless you’re going big budget with teak or similar hardwoods, it’s likely better to go with something manufactured. Carpet is a great option as it’s a warmer look and feel and there are many deals available these days.

Drywall is the most typical choice for walls, but the recent trends have leaned more toward shiplap (which won’t be around forever). Cost-effectiveness is always a factor, and in that regard, drywall is a go-to. Wallpaper is making a comeback, believe it or not, but it’s not really a staple in basements these days.

Layout Ideas

A great thing to remember is that comfort is king when it comes to your basement. So when you’re laying out your basement office, it is recommended that you make it comfortable to be in for long days. You’ll want to make sure you have enough space to fit all of your office belongings, have a small (or large) rest area, and access to the restroom. If you plan on hosting meetings there, floating shelves, sleek desks, and matching guest chairs are key in creating a fancy, professional environment. What’s awesome about an unfinished basement is that it gives you a blank canvas to work with. You can literally customize it however you want to suit your specific needs.

Ideas for a Theme

Picking a theme (and sticking with it) will help you determine what decor to use. Some typical themes are:


If you’re more partial to lighter colors, and not so outside-the-box ideas, you may want to stick with a traditional theme. Muted pastels and lighter colors usually indicate a traditional style. Comfortable appointments, sensible furniture, and minimal decoration are customary for this long-established style.


Minimalism is a staple in this sleek and clean option. Light greys, whites, and neutrals are a must-have in a newer modern design. For some workers, fewer visual distractions can mean more productivity.  The furniture accents in a modern office will usually include sleek lines, hard angles, and a more fashionable motif.


The great thing about an industrial-themed office in the basement is that you’re halfway there. Exposed brick and unpolished concrete are some fantastic qualities that will help you achieve an industrial look. The palette is quite open with colors that pop or are more subdued and that will allow you to make your space your own. Remember the goal is not only to be comfortable but be productive in your surroundings. One benefit is the ability to use furniture as decor in a more industrial setting. The freedom is really yours.


If you prefer wood accents, dark tones, and a simpler earthy feel, then the rustic theme might just be for you. Using a vintage (think oil-rubbed bronze) lamp on your desk and warm lights throughout can give your home office a distinctly rustic feel. A little exposed brick or reclaimed pallets are awesome ways to pair the aesthetic of your theme while putting in minimal work.


Now is the time to start creating the custom basement home office you’ve always dreamed of. This will be where you spend a ton of time, so it’s pertinent that you create a space you don’t hate to walk into every morning. Whether creating a large workspace, something smaller and private, or a mixture of the two, let Stephenson Construction help design the basement office you deserve.