Many residents have been remodeling their basements in recent years due to a number of factors, including finishing an unfinished basement. Others may want to convert the basement into a different kind of space such as a spare bedroom, gameroom, or office.

In any scenario, homeowners will need to carefully consider who they hire before undertaking a major home improvement project.

Homeowners can streamline their basement remodeling project by hiring a professional design-build company like Stephenson Construction where both the design and construction are all done by one company. Here are some of the ways a professional design-build company can help you with your project:

#1 Better Teamwork

Homeowners who hire a designer and builder who don’t work for the same company for their basement remodeling project will quickly realize this doesn’t always lead to good teamwork. The designer may have come up with a design the builder isn’t skilled at executing.

Similarly, the builder may point out structural issues with the design the designer has proposed. Such problems can lead to delays in the build process, which could lengthen the project completion time.

A design-build company avoids such issues because the designer and builder closely collaborate and work together with the client from start to finish to ensure the homeowner’s vision comes to life.

#2 Improved Accountability

Having one party in charge of both design and construction activities ensures better accountability. You will need to reach out to only one project manager to understand the project timeline, estimated costs, and tasks.

This approach is preferable to the other approach in which you may get different answers from the party managing designs and the party managing the build process.

#3 Continuity

Continuity is important for any build projects. You will find that operations go much smoother when one party is involved with both the design and build process. This is because most remodeling projects will likely involve a lot of behind the scenes work between the designer and the builder.

If the designer is no longer involved with the process once the build process has started, the builder will need to perform design changes themselves. This can lead to changes that might not reflect the homeowner’s initial vision.

When both the design and build processes are conducted by one party, the builder will have no issues consulting the designer as they will be present during all phases of the construction process.

#4 Efficient Communication

The back-and-forth between the designer and builder can cause many delays in your basement remodeling project. Such communication may be necessary to ensure the project proceeds safely and according to the homeowner’s vision.

The good news is that such communication can be a lot more efficient when the designer and builder are part of the same team. Professional design-build companies perform such communication using internal channels that are much faster and ensure both parties are always aware of developments or issues that may arise.

A professional design-build company will ensure they maintain frequent communication with the homeowner. This communication is important because they need the owner to offer input on designs and other project details.

The project manager of a design-build firm will be up to speed with all aspects of the project and will be able to quickly respond to questions about any aspect of the project as it progresses.

Why Choose Stephenson Construction

If you’re interested in hiring a reliable design-build company in North Metro Atlanta, you can’t go wrong by hiring Stephenson Construction. We have assisted numerous homeowners with remodeling projects over the years.

We specialize in basement, kitchen, and bathroom remodels and are familiar with all aspects of the remodeling process. Our design staff work closely with the build team to bring your vision to life within budget and on schedule. Please reach out to us to learn why we are one of the most trusted design-build companies in Georgia.