HVAC In Your Basement – Dos and Don’ts

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You're finally ready to put the finishing touches on your home and complete your basement into a more livable space. This also adds value to your home. The problem is you have no idea about heating, cooling, ventilation, or humidity control. That's where professional contractors come into play. You might be burdened with questions of

Basement Kitchens and All That Comes With Them

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A basement kitchen can help turn a blank slate into a true work of art. Making it a much nicer space could double as an entertainment suite or guest suite. If a kitchen remodel is something on your resume, then you already know the challenges one faces when choosing design elements, building challenges, and a

Basement Ideas for Home Offices

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As we all know, working from home has become a very prominent thing. The current climate has made working from home a huge and alluring option for many a worker. Finishing your basement is one thing, but finishing it and including an office is a whole different animal. Keep in mind there are many things

Top 3 Basement Remodeling Challenges We Help Alleviate

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While hiring a basement finishing contractor to remodel the basement of your home is often an exciting and rewarding event (both emotionally and financially), there are common challenges other basement remodeling companies often turn into a nightmare. Stephenson Construction can help alleviate basement remodeling issues because of our simple process. #1 The Chaos In

Best Types of Flooring for Your Basement Remodel

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When choosing flooring for your basement, moisture is a big consideration. And it’s not the potential for water leaks, either. Condensation and water vapor are moisture-related hazards unique to basements, and they affect the kind of flooring that makes sense downstairs (one of the most important reasons to hire a basement expert or professional basement

8 Things to Consider Before Starting a Basement Finishing Project

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Turning an unfinished basement into livable space is a big project with even bigger rewards. The space is already there, like a diamond in the rough. Here's a few things to think about when considering your basement finishing project. #1 How Finished Is "Finished"? For some, a basement finishing project might mean

5 Ideas for Organizing Your Basement

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There's a good chance we could all use some more storage in our homes. There are some simple storage solutions you can add to your basement that will make your space more organized. Whether you use your lower level for storage only or also as a living space, here are 11 ideas for organizing